• Escape on the Gringotts Dragon
  • Escape on the Gringotts Dragon
  • Escape on the Gringotts Dragon

Escape on the Gringotts Dragon

Poster 70cm x 50cm


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 Lower and lower the dragon flew, in great, spiralling circles, honing in, it seemed, upon one of the smaller lakes. ‘I say we jump when it gets low enough!’ Harry called back to the others.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


Vividly portrayed here, the almighty Gringotts dragon soars away from captivity and over countryside towards the mountains, unknowingly carrying three stowaways on its back. As Harry, Ron and Hermione leap to safety in the lake, the dragon flies on, their unwitting rescuer.

Created by Atomhawk exclusively for Pottermore, this stunning artwork is now available for you to enjoy as a poster, on high quality, silk-coated paper stock.

Please note that the frame in the image is for illustrative purposes only. This poster comes unframed.


Your poster will be delivered safely in specially designed Pottermore packaging and wrapped in owl-printed tissue paper.

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